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Our rules for B-Part Sports.


What are the general rules on the B-Part Sports?


Basically the training on the B-Part Sports and the equipment is free of charge. 

However, if there are course times, the courses and their participants and trainers have priority over individual athletes. 

An overview of all course times and Open Sessions can be found here: 




What else is important AND to consider?


  • Drinking is very important, but please do not take alcoholic and open drinks onto the sports grounds!

  • Smoking on the sports ground is strictly forbidden!

  • No animals, no food, and no bikes on the sports ground. The whole area is big enough and there are bicycle racks for the bikes.

  • No foreign objects, such as seat tapes and wooden boxes from the summer garden of the B-Part as well as stones, among other things from the fences, maybe carried or placed on the sports grounds and used for training. 

  • The viaduct (ruin) is not to be entered under any circumstances, or to be integrated into his exercises (e.g. leaning against it while doing a handstand or as a wall for throwing the ball)

  • It is not a children's playground, so children from 7 years of age are allowed to enter the sports area.

  • No loud music

  • No resin or similar grip-supporting materials to the equipment.

  • And the most important: Fair play! Mutual consideration and support should be a matter of course among athletes. 


Have Fun!



How do I prepare for a B-Part Sports workout?


How early should I arrive for each workout?


We recommend you arrive 10 minutes before every workout so you have plenty of time to put on your heart rate sensor. If it's your first workout, arrive at least 15 minutes before, so our coaches can assist you and learn more about your goals.


Is B-Part Sports for everyone?


Yes. Thanks to the wide range of courses on offer, there is something for everyone. 



What are the pricing and booking options?


You will find everything about prices and booking possibilities on our website: Packages & Prices.




Can I try a free workout?


Yes, we offer a free trial lesson for all newbies. This includes a course of your choice and is limited to one trial lesson per person.



How do I book a workout?


Once you have completed your free trial lesson, you will need to sign up for a subscription or use our flexible pay-per-workout option. You can view all our packages and prices. Once you've decided on a plan that works best for you, you can easily plan your workout by course, time, and trainer.



Does my membership include participation in all courses?


Yes, our packages are not tied to specific courses. You can participate in any training with all the courses we offer.



Can I book a coach as a personal trainer?


Yes, you can. All of our coaches provide one-on-one training. Simply write to us at mail@bpart-sports.de with whom you would like to work together and we will get back to you.



Is there any special equipment used during the workouts?


We use the functional equipment installed on the B-Part Sports such as pull-up bars, shimmy elements, step boxes, and trampolines. In addition, a variety of body weight exercises are added, depending on the course.



Where can I find B-Part Sports?


The B-Part Sports is located on the grounds of the B-Part am Gleisdreieck in the park of the same name. The best way to get there is to use the gate at the top of the area directly behind the viaduct (ruin).

The main entrance is on the park side.



Do you workout in extreme weather like rain, heat, etc?


Yes! We do keep training during hot, rainy summers and during cold, snowy winters. But we will never put you in harm's way. You will be notified if a workout is canceled due to extreme storms or temperatures. 



Are there locker rooms and showers?


Yes, both are located in the B-part, which is run by St.Oberholz and can be used for a small fee. Women and men are separated from each other.



Is there a place to store my belongings?


Your personal belongings can be stored during the training on or at the edge of the training area within sight. After each training session, our trainers check for objects left behind. So please contact the trainer you trained with if you have forgotten anything. Contact details can be found on the B-Part Sports website: www.bpart-sports.de



What should I wear and bring with me?


Typical training equipment and shoes worn in the gym or when running are sufficient. During the summer months, we recommend light materials. To stay warm in the colder months, long shirts and trousers are best. We train during rain, snow, and hot temperatures, so please check the weather forecast so you are prepared.



What should I eat before the workout?


Eat a small, 100 to 200 calorie snack about half an hour before training. It should be easy-to-digest carbohydrates like fruit, a bagel, or an energy bar. The other option is to eat a nutritionally balanced meal one or two hours before you start working out. It depends on the classes so It’s a challenging 45 minutes, so make sure you’re fueled up!



I haven't worked out in a long time? Can I still do the workout?


Of course. The courses offered at B-Part Sports are designed for ALL levels of fitness and everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace. In each workout, we offer variations of each exercise to suit the needs and capabilities of everyone. Please inform a coach before your workout of any injuries or special needs, so they can either tailor the workout or suggest alternative exercises.



I have issues with (back, knees, etc..). Can I still do the workout safely?


Absolutely. Our coaches are trained to offer variations of each exercise. Our HIIT workouts for example are full-body focused, so there may be some movements that should not be performed with certain injuries. Please consult with your coach. They will happily tailor the workout or suggest skipping training until your injury has healed or you choose another course. 

Your safety is our top priority.



I’m pregnant. Can I still do the workout?


If your doctor approves joining our training, please let us know so we can tailor workouts to meet medical requirements. The safety of you and your baby are our top priority.



What do I have to do if I want to cancel or resign?


You can cancel or reverse at any time by logging into your B-Part Sports account (Fitogram) at https://www.bpart-sports.de/kursplan. "Please note that we do not give refunds for unused workouts. We, therefore, recommend that you cancel towards the end of your current payment period. In addition, please also note the cancellation conditions of the courses.



Can I pause payments when I’m out of town?


We offer flexible (pay per workout) plans that are perfect for busy, unpredictable schedules. These plans are typically cover any long-term holiday or business trips. If you have a monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time and sign up again when you are returning. Please see “What do I have to do if I want to cancel or resign?” above for more information.



Still have questions?

Email us at support@bpart-sports.de