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Muscular Man Lifting Kettle-Ball

Wake-up Bootcamp

A functional, high-intensity outdoor training in a small group that takes your body to its limit!

HIIT training, is considered a real fatburn workout and originates from competitive sports. The targeted short, intensive intervals bring your pulse up and make the superfluous pounds disappear permanently. In addition to an effective muscle build-up, your coordination, endurance and mobility are also improved.

Challenging exercise sequences strengthen the functional muscle chains and stabilize your joints. Short, intensive cross-country runs train your physical and motor skills.

Even after exercise, the body's combustion engine continues to run at full speed for quite some time, thanks to the so-called afterburning effect. The afterburning effect is particularly strong during HIIT training, making it one of the most effective workouts of all.

Level: 3/5 Beginner and advanced courses

Bring along: sneakers, drink, towel

Sixpack Express

This workout focuses on the center of the body, which is the center of physical strength.

A strong middle of the body not only provides a beautiful sight. It also has a great influence on your general athletic performance and this is a basic requirement for a healthy life and training. In 45 minutes we train your abdominal muscles and stabilize the trunk muscles. Both in relation to each other ensure an upright posture and a trained abdomen. 

Our tip: do an additional HIIT workout for an optimal result 

Level: 3/5

Bring along: sneakers, drink, towel

Circuit Training on the sports apparatus


The B-Part sport offers the ideal conditions for functional circuit training on the apparatuses, which trains your strength and endurance. In 60 minutes the participants pass through different stations which train strength, endurance, speed, movement and coordination. Among other things, the chin-up bars, rings, step boxes, and of course your own body weight are used. Each station trains a different muscle group. This means maximum time saving and effective fat burning for you and your dream body. Fight your way through the stations in small groups side by side and be rewarded with a beach body.

Level: 4/5 

Bring along: sneakers, drink, towel, possibly gloves

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